EKEN H5s Plus

4K Ultra HD Video Recording with Electronic Image Stabilization Function And Touch Preview Screen

EKEN H5s Plus Action Camera was built with Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) function for all video resolution up to 4K at 30 Frame Per Second. This function help to minimizes vibrating effect, blurring and compensates for camera shake during filming a video recording thus you got a super steady shot in your hand. EKEN H5s Plus also come with 2" LCD Touch Preview Screen which make easier for user to setting the action camera. EKEN H5s Plus is an ideal camera for traveling, sport & outdoor activities.

EKEN H5s Plus Intro

Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) Function

EKEN H5s Plus built in Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) Function with 3-axis gyroscope and 3-axis accelerometer detects position and motion changes which able  to minimized the vibration while taking a video recording. This EIS function also minimizes blurring and compensates thus providing a smoother and steadier image. When the 4K EIS video camera tilts, moves, shakes, or experiences impact, the sensors use image cross-border compensation algorithm to compensate the change and produce stable videos. The EKEN H5s Plus takes professional quality video anywhere you want. Simply mount it on your helmet, handlebars or use the included frame and tripod to quickly shoot and share videos with your friends.


Time Lapse Video

This is a video time-lapse mode, where the output is a combined video file.Time Lapse Video lets your camera record video frames at set time intervals, creating a time lapse movie without the need for you to stitch all of the photos together! Once recording is stopped the camera will automatically compile the frames into a cohesive video clip that you can playback. The time interval option from 0.5s, 1s , 2s , 3s , 4s , 5s , 10s , 15s , 20s , 30s & 60s.

EKEN H5s Plus Time Lapse Video

170º Wide Fish Eye Lens

Adopt 7G 170º F2.0 Ultra-wide fish eye lens, bring us a fantastic wide-angle shooting experience. 170º fish eye lens is different from common shooting angle of traditional cameras, it’s image is Wider, the scene is More Real and Natural, wonderful picture are all captured, even for those corners which human eyes (120º Field of view) can not see clearly, it can make and give us more surprise! This model different from previous model because the image aspect ratio is 5:4 compare to EKEN H8R & EKEN H9R aspect ratio is 16:9.

EKEN H5s Plus Wide Angle

Powerful Photo Capture

With the Photo Resolution up to 12 MegaPixel Burst photos at a blistering 3 photos in 1s / 7 photos in 2 s / 15 photos in 4s / 24 photos in 8s., this EKEN H5s Plus Action Camera helps you to capture the moments which you don't want to miss it. EKEN H5s Plus also able to shoot a series of photos at set of 2, 3, 5, 10, 20, 30 or 60 second interval which great for gear-mounted shots when the shutter button is out of reach.

Eken H5s Plus Powerful Burst Shot

Unique Design, Ultra Slim And Light Weight - Easy To Carry Anywhere at Anytime

Same with EKEN H6s model, EKEN H5s Plus Action Camera had designed with Dual Screen but the significant difference is it designed with 2" LCD Touch Preview Screen + 0.95" OLED Status Screen. This Model is more compact and lighter where the weight is 66g only.

EKEN H5s Plus Details Dimension

Wifi Remote Control – A New Way To View, Share And Store Your Footage

Built in Wifi function, EKEN H5s Plus Action Camera can be control remotely by your smart phone or tablet. The Ez iCam App transforms your phone or tablet into a live video remote for your camera, offering full control of all functions and settings, easy shot preview and playback, Download into your phone thus easy to sharing via text, email, Facebook & Instagram to share the wonderful moment with friends from all sides. In addition, you can view and delete the content, free more space to store the more highlights.

How to connect EKEN H5s Plus Wifi with Smartphone or Tablet – By following this 3 simple step

Step 1 : Install the Wifi App on your smartphone ( there have 2 ways )

Way 1 : Download and install the free app “ Ez iCam ” from Google Play or App Store to your Smartphone or Tablet.


Way 2 : Scan the QR Code from your packing box or User Manual to install the App

Step 2 : Press the Wifi button to turn on the Wifi function, then “waiting for Wifi connection” will display on the screen.

Step 3 : Click your installer Ez iCam app, then search and connect to the Wifi named “iCam-H5s Plus” . When “Wifi connection ready“ that means your Wifi already connected and ready to use.


EKEN H5s Plus Come With 2.4G Remote Control

EKEN H5s Plus Action Camera also come with 2.4G Remote Control allows you to Record video & Capture Photo just with ONE click button from distances of up to 3 meters.

EKEN H5s Plus Remote Shutter

Waterproof up to 30 Meters Water Depth

Ultra slim and crystal clear waterproof case and silky touch buttons enables your EKEN H5s Plus camera to work extremely well underwater in its waterproof case and up to maximum water depth of 30 meters, this will allow you to capture your incredible underwater adventures. Whether you need waterproof case for biking, hiking or outdoor sports, it also will be function as dustproof and shockproof to your camera.

EKEN H5s Plus 30m Waterproof

Loop Recording Function

Loop Recording function help you automatically overwrite oldest video file and make a space for new video recording To ensure your memory card will never be full and you will always record the latest footage. When the memory card was full, the EKEN H5s Plus action camera will automatically delete the earlier video. This function is suitable for indoor anti thief, driving record and etc.

EKEN H5s Plus Loop Recording

What’s Include?

EKEN H5s Plus Action Camera Complete with Basic Accessories

EKEN H5s Plus Basic Accessories

Technical Specification

Details EKEN H5s Plus Action Camera Technical Specification

Weight 66g
Dimension 41.1mm H x 59.3mm L x 21.4mm W
Display Dual Screen; 2" LCD Touch Preview Screen + 0.95" OLED Status Screen
Video Mode 4K at 30fps (EIS) / 4K at 30fps / 2K at 30fps (EIS) / 2K at 60fps / 1080P at 60fps (EIS) / 1080P at 100fps / 720P at 200fps
Video Time-Lapse 0.5s / 1s / 2s / 3s / 4s / 5s / 10s / 15s / 20s / 30s / 60s
Video Format H.264 MP4
Audio Format WAV Format (Bitrate : 176kbps)
Photo Resolution 12MP
WIFI Built in 802.11.(b/g/n)
Remote Control 2.4G
Camera Angle 170 Degree HD Wide Angle
Burst Rate 3 Photos at 1 Second / 7 Photos at 2 Second / 15 Photos at 4 Second / 24 Photos at 8 Second
Shooting Mode Single Shot / Continuous Shot / Self Timer
Battery Li-ion Battery
Battery Charging Rated 1050mAh, 3.7V
Battery Life 4K at 30fps > 50 Minutes, 1080P at 30fps > 90 Minutes
Input Output USB 2.0 / Mini HDMI
Storage Micro SDXC Class 10 Up to 64GB (Not Included; Recommended Speed Class U3 90MB/s)
Waterproof Max. 30 Meters Water Depth with Waterproof Casing
Language English, Chinese, etc